We are building a sustainable tour guiding company that helps foreign visitors to enjoy the beauty of Ethiopia’s landscape and culture. Every dollar of our profit stays in Ethiopia and is used to create employment opportunities for local guides and villagers. Ultimately we would like to develop side projects which further bless the local community in an area where poverty affects the opportunities available to children.


Abrham is the second youngest of seven siblings from the village of Asheten. One clear April evening in 2006 (western calendar) Steve, a young geography teacher from the UK was trekking solo on the rocky trails above Lalibela. He bumped into a school boy heading home to Asheten perched 250 metres above the famous rock-hewn churches. That boy was 14 year old Abrham Tadesse and he enthusiastically led Steve to the monasteries, cliff tops and baboons above Lalibela. Steve was impressed with Abrham’s natural leadership skills and energy and the two kept in touch. Abrham worked hard through school and left the tiny village of Asheten to gain a number of qualifications including his tourism certificates. His experience in leading tourists in Amhara and further afield in areas such as the Simien Mountains and Afar Desert continued to develop.

14 year old Abrham; already with a passion for showing people the beauty of the Lalibela highlands.

In April 2018 Steve returned to Lalibela to work with Abrham to create a network of suggested trails to cater for tourists with different interest and abilities. Impressed by Abrham’s professional experience, hard work ethic and wealth of knowledge about his home country Steve decided to work with Abrham to help him begin his own tour guiding company.


Steve is a passionate mountain walker and trail runner with a love of interesting landscapes. He enjoys learning about different cultures. Steve has been Head of Geography at schools including Harrow International School, Hong Kong and Nambour Christian College in Queensland, Australia. He has much experience of leading school trips to locations as varied as Malawi, The Galapagos and Japan. He currently teaches Geography and Religious Studies at a leading international school in Shropshire, England.

Steve fell in love with Ethiopia in 2006 and has since returned to the country numerous times. Steve does not work for Tadesse Tours but is driven by a desire to connect people with this beautiful country. To that end he is able to offer advice to travellers from a European perspective and has assisted Abrham to develop a high-quality tourist experience.